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"I found Mike’s very deep knowledge of not only the products but also the engineering material quite remarkable.  He was able to very clearly convey the subject matter and happily answer all of our questions both during lecture and while working on the exercises.  I would not hesitate to make use of Mike’s services again."

- J.F., Ph.D.

   Lead Application Engineer



"The training was very effective and worth the time.  Dr. Ivanovic demonstrated deep knowledge in the subject and was able to answer my questions and solve various problems. Even today, I can still remember some of the key points he mentioned during that training. In fact, I am still utilizing those key points in my current job position."

- C.E., Ph.D., Product Development

   LUK, USA 

"It was my great pleasure having this course with such an open minded individual who gave us the chance to increase our knowledge about multiple topics, not only in pumps.


- T.A.A.,  Operations Engineer,

   Aramco, Saudi Arabia

"Thank you for your kind words and for the advice.

I sure hope we can work together again, it was indeed a pleasant experience and from the reports given, the employees enjoyed being in your classroom." 


- F.A.,  Engineer 

  SMC, Oman

"Several examples were done to achieve a clarification of difficult points.  These examples were real life cases.  Interactions were provided to illustrate how the theory is affecting the real case's problems that I was interested to solve.  Discussion about how I can apply my favourite strategies learned from my past experience was a great value for me."

- P.R., Research Engineer,

  General Dynamics, Canada

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