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UBAMIP Consulting specializes in consulting on a wide range of engineering disciplines focusing on the Process, Chemical, Power Generation and Environmental industries through its 3 main services:

  1. Engineering Consulting Services

  2. Training and Development courses and workshops for engineering professionals 

  3. Product Development

Over the past 10 years UBAMIP Consulting has been engaged by numerous organizations and institutions globally (North America, Asia, Middle East) to lead engineering courses with varied industry topics. The sessions have proven to be instrumental as continuing education, as well as refreshers for professionals from various industry sectors.  (The summary of available courses can be found here) 

UBAMIP Consulting was founded and is led by Dr. Mike Ivanovic (Ph.D. Minnesota, M.A.Sc. Waterloo), an industry expert with over 35 years of experience in various engineering fields and practices. Dr. Ivanovic’s extensive background in engineering consulting as well as academia at University of Toronto, brings a unique, innovative and well-rounded approach to the practice.

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