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UBAMIP Consulting has developed an extensive inventory of professional development and training courses tailored for industry professionals. 


The courses range in length, complexity and size, and are intended to meet the specific needs of the organization and participants.
We work closely with our clients to create a custom experience and are happy to create a personalized course that will achieve your needs and objectives.
Our list of existing course topics:


Mechanical & Process Engineering

  • Pumps, Compressors and Fans

  • Gas and Steam Turbines and Cogeneration

  • Pipes and Piping Systems

  • Storage Tanks: Design and Inspection

  • Tank Farms: Operation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting

  • Industrial Heat Exchangers: Sizing and Operation

  • Industrial Boilers and Steam Management Systems

  • Heat Transfer Augmentation Techniques

  • Cooling of Electric Equipment

  • Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics

  • Fluid Flow Control and Measuring Techniques 


Industrial Safety Management

  • Advanced Risk Assessment and Management

  • Process Hazard Control and Analysis Techniques

  • Leadership in Risk and Safety Management


Industrial Maintenance

  • Computerized Maintenance Management

  • Reliability Centred Maintenance Management 

  • Leadership in Risk and Safety Management


Professional Development and Leadership

  • Technical Negotiation Strategies

  • Advanced Presentation Skills and Techniques

  • Technical Team Interaction and Communication


Contact us today to find out how we can create a custom course experience for your company.

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